Invites aren't just for Weddings...

Weddings are wonderful, but invites can be for anything.

I remember giving out invites at school for my Roller Disco Party (Classic 90's child parties of choice) where we would roll around a leisure center hall to 'Saturday Night' by Whigfield in our hypercolour tshirts and baggy kneed leggings.

The invites were printed at home using good old word art and Microsoft Paint but there was so much excitement held in that little piece of paper!

Several years later and that excitement hasn't I didn't have a Roller Disco for my 30th (missed opportunity!) but I did host an Alice in Wonderland Murder Mystery and had the BEST time making the invites and decorating my flat! In fact I was so excited about my friends seeing the invites that I refused to post them and insited on being there when they opened them.

There are obviously lots of parts to a Murder Mystery Invite, everything from the back story to their chosen character had to be included, but that just made them more fun!

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